Details of lose weight program Slim

Lose weight program Slim has been formed based on 20 years of intensive cooperation between Prague’s dietary specialists and doctors from spa Tree of Life.  Slim program does not focus on lose weight only however it also helps to strengthen your entire health and improve your condition. Slim program represents a unique way how to lose weight safely and start a new healthy life. The process of weight loss relies on special tests and body analyses and ensures therefore the best individual Slim program for each patient.

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Procedures leading to weight loss

Slim program includes many various and effective therapeutic sessions leading to weight loss such as procedures on modern high-tech devices, body exercises, relaxation baths, detoxification and revitalization procedures.  Each patient undergoes therefore consultation with a nutritionist who prepares a list of suitable meals for them that would help them to lose their weight. The list of all procedures is prepared by specialized doctors in the field of weight loss and is realized under professional supervision.

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Accommodation at Tree of Life

Spa resort Tree of Life is one of the best spa resorts in the Czech Republic focusing on weight loss programs.  The spa is located in the city of Belohrad famous for its therapeutic mud sources and is surrounded by beautiful countryside with green forests, lakes and amazing views. In addition to losing weight Tree of life is also very suitable place for relaxation, revitalization and recharging batteries . No doubt that after such stay in Tree of Life you will come back home full of new energy and zest for live.

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ISO 9001:2000

Ann’s Peat Spa received in 2000 a certificate for implementing a system of quality management, management level and services according to European standards in the field of spa services, namely physiotherapy, balneology and medical rehabilitation, accommodation and restaurant services. The company has been and continues to be certified by the German certification company TÜV.

100 Best

Ann’s Peat Spa – winners of Czech Top 100 in 2009
Ann’s Peat Spa became the winner in the 2009 Czech TOP 100 competition in the category HEALTH – EDUCATION – HUMANITY.

BKK Gesundheit

The official contractual partner BKK Gesundheit
By achieving the quality standards set by EUROPESPA med©, Ann’s Peat Spa has acquired the status of contractor of the resort health insurance BKK Gesundheit. The certificate guarantees BKK Gesundheit clients that the services provided by the spa resort meet the demanding requirements required by their health insurance firm from its contractual partners.


Europe acknowledged Ann’s Peat Spa
As the first spa facility in Europe, Ann’s Peat Spa received on 4 July 2006 a recognised quality award from the European Spa Association in Brussels entitled the EUROPESPA med© Certificate with the serial number 001. The award is granted to selected European spa institutions based on challenging inspections and an audit of the operations.
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* Program Slim does not focus on losing weight only but helps also strengthen your entire body and improve its agility. While undergoing program Slim your body starts to burn its fat and built muscles that are of greater weight then fat mass.

* Rate of weight loss depends on many factors such as metabolic rate, age, gender and way of life of each person and could therefore be very variable.